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Leading Markets With Positive Impact

Posted by Rania Laing on

We live in a world where everything is seemingly easy. Apps are making our lives more seamless. Online services are growing at a rate of over 20% year on year, according to Statista. You no longer need to problem solve your daily life. At the same time diseases like Alzheimer’s are sadly on the increase. In this age of artificial intelligence and social networks, it's as if we no longer have a reason to develop our mental, cognitive and social skills. As we grow out of old neural pathways, we are not creating new ones. At the same time, industries like retail and FMCG are in crisis, unable to innovate nor engage. As a society, we are playing the same old record and expecting miracles. We have reached a stage that we don't just need to change the record, we need a whole new system to play music from.

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