Purposeful Innovators Calls For Donations To Support Its Lobby For Change Manifesto

Purposeful Innovators CIC (PI) has announced its Lobby For Change manifesto which it has committed to starting as policy change projects in its first year. Each of the nine projects are created and delivered within the PI Collaborator Ecosystem which PI believes will change the way organisations are managed, putting the rights to lifelong learning and earning into the hands of those who do the work, based on the positive impact of their contribution.

As a start-up non-profit organisation, PI is solely reliant on donations to get established and launch the manifesto. Once audited after the first year of activity, as a UK registered Community Interest Company, PI will be eligible to apply for international grants and funding.

All of PIs projects and collaborator working methods are based on the latest behavioural science and studies into social value impact conducted by its founder and CEO, Rania Laing. Rania is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK and the current President of the International Coaching Federation, UAE Chapter. 

"We believe that the international business community is ready for corporate policy improvement. In this age of pandemic recovery, organisations must be held accountable for the detrimental impact that their strategic thinking has on communities", explains Rania. "There is enough research available that provides a strong argument that emotional and mental health must be held with the same regard as physical health. Toxic practices should be eliminated or balanced to protect our overall community ecosystem. Strategies that create ill-health should have deterrents in the form of tax increases while those that promote health and healthy communities or ecosystems should receive incentives." 

The nine projects in the Lobby For Change manifesto have been created and structured according to the Positive Impact principles to deliver sustainable profit, people and planet and are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

PI manages all its projects, sustainably, within its collaborator framework where projects are opt-in for Purposeful Innovator Members who agree to the PI Ethics and Standards Code of Conduct. In addition to Member collaborations, PI works in collaboration with other associations, charities and NGOs.

As part of its manifesto project implementation strategy, PI needs to access the international association industry. It plans to do so by getting licensed under Dubai Association Centre in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai along with Brussels, Washington DC and Singapore form the Global Associations Hub.

Like with any start-up, the first year of a non-profit organisation is always going to be the most financially challenging. Therefore, PI is reaching out to the private sector for donations and support during its infancy stage. In exchange, its Founding Members are offering business consultancy, training, coaching and mentoring.

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