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Ours is a sustainability model that gets your business thriving

We have developed The Positive Impact Model for strategic commercial strategy development. It is based on robust scientific research that is in the public domain.

Combining the principles of neuroscience, sociology, psychology and cybernetics with commercial business strategies, the model proves that no human in the world should be experiencing the effects of suffering as they are currently.

Thriving businesses are the backbone of healthy communities.


What We Are Doing

Objective: We want all businesses to become more sustainable and prosperous. By learning the science of developing longevity in strategic decision-making, all business can benefit from the Positive Impact Model.


What We Want From You

We want you to stop compromising your future existence in the misbelief that you need to firefight in order to survive today.

We believe in best-practice and the power of knowledge. We want all businesses to understand the simplicity and effectiveness of planning and strategising towards a long term vision.

We can help you experience faster, healthier and more profitable results by flipping your perspective to deliver top down impact.


How You Can Work With Us


This Initiative Supports the Following UNSDGs 


These goals formulate the scope and strategy for positive impact. Read more about using the Positive Impact model for creating five level scopes and strategies aligned with how the brain thinks.

11 Sustainable Cities And Communities 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 12 Responsible Consumption and Production 3 Good Health and Wellbeing

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