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Our transactional goal is to make and share lifelong learning opportunities based on our collaborative experiences.

We are demonstrating the power of a new healthy commercial ecosystem. 

Analogies form a powerful method for people to learn and understand the application of new principles.

We publish case-studies to help illustrate the range and diversity of benefits that can be achieved by redirecting towards Positive Impact. Case studies are created through collaborating Purposeful Innovators and used within the educational programmes as well as for the marketing of the model and its impact by Purposeful Innovators.


What We Are Doing

Objective: To produce knowledge resources to educate others on the benefits of diversity in all its forms as a strategy for sustainability and a healthy ecosystem (sponsor research).

How You Can Make A Difference 


UN SDGsThis Initiative Supports the Following UNSDGs

These goals formulate the scope and strategy for positive impact. Read more about using the Positive Impact model for creating five level scopes and strategies aligned with how the brain thinks.

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities 4 Quality Education 10 Reduced Inequalities

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