Collaborator Remuneration Method Using Points System

The Positive Impact Model offer a collaborative method of calculating contribution.

How to calculate:

  1. Identify roles and team members.
  2. Determine relevant points for each person.
  3. Add up total points for the project.
  4. Equate total points to total project value in $ less expenses.
  5. Calculate $ per point and the individual's contribution based on points for the role.

Resource contribution:

16 - cold lead/data entry/simple tasks

60 - interested lead - listing only (website, brochure)/basic admin

Transactional Contribution:

204 - hot lead - referred customer/need identified

420 - contracted project negotiated

Functional Contribution:

780 - original content/IP used as solution

1320 - operational excellence (training, marketing etc )

Strategic Contribution:

1932 - project decision-making responsibility

3040 - customer contract planning and management/problem solving/terms adherence

Impact Contribution:

3852 - generative developments to current solution/service

5800 - expansive developments to form new future projects (JVs, innovations etc)


The White Paper with explanation of contribution criteria can be downloaded here.