Wealth Angels Social Education Initiative

An Inclusive Society For All

Wealth Angels is a social education initiative created by PI Founding Director and Treasurer, Rebecca Ellis. The curriculum delivers quality financial education and is adapted for specific targeted sectors that need it most. The purpose of the initiative is to contribute to building an equitable, inclusive society for all, delivering quality education where it is needed most.

The Wealth Angels MoneyWise programme delivers UN SDG 4 vocational training with a priority to support gender balance, youth and the under-privileged. 

Programmes are delivered in person or online. For adult participants, the programme is delivered by an internationally qualified independent wealth advisor.


Trainer ratio



Programmes are segment-specific

- Parents

- (Financial) Wellness for Employees

- 15-24 Young Adults

- Family

- Schools (Train the Teacher)

- Community Leaders (Train the Leader)


Project Objectives

  • To identify and secure quality community service delivery partners.
  • To fund and grow Wealth Angels MoneyWise through diversity equity inclusivity (DEI) initiatives through corporate partners.
  • To fund and grow Wealth Angels MoneyWise through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives through corporate partners.
  • To reach students and young adults through schools and extra curriculum activities (ECA).