Aqua Explorers Launch for Sustainability Education Through Scuba Diving

Aqua Explorers

Aqua Explorers by Purposeful Innovators (PI) is an action-based experiential weekly diving club for the whole family launched in partnership with Chloe Blue Scuba Diving Club in the United Arab Emirates. Children from 8 years to adults get active with age-appropriate sustainability education activities that matter in creating family memories while having a positive impact on our environment and developing a growth mindset.

Developed to bring to life the research by Isabel Rimanocsy on the 12 Sustainability Mindset Principles, interpreted for younger generations, Aqua Explorers is a scuba camp that delivers big lessons of sustainability through experiential and social learning.

Building a community of young divers who have the educational background, PADI recreational diving skills, environmental awareness and motivational to make a difference is paramount for the insurmountable conservation needs that we face to preserve our quality of life and existence on Earth, now, but increasingly so in the future, and even more so in their future.

Through direct exposure to the awe inspiring beauty of our ocean and coral reefs, the next generations can learn to appreciate Mother Nature; create new jobs and opportunities in citizen science and develop high levels of environmental literacy that can make the difference in how future humans choose live on this planet.

Countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) provide a big opportunity to reach global citizens through the high disposable income expat society that primarily reside near coastlines and waterfronts with easy access to the ocean as well as international quality training organisations, like PADI as well as warm weather and easy scuba diving conditions. While the UAE maybe a relatively small country, the transitional nature of residents means that training is delivered in the UAE and within a few years the residents move on to another expat country or return to their home country with the new skills and experiences they developed when living there.