Our Revolution


True leadership comes from mastering, sharing and applying wisdom which helps yourself and others.

Our revolution came from a lifetime of belief in humanity. But we didn't know it!

As a community interest company (CIC), all knowledge assets are locked to serve the private and public organisations that the association serves as its communities.

In 1997, Rania Laing was introduced to Rebecca Ellis (Becky) through mutual friends. A friendship development that was fueled by mutual support, professionally and personally. Over the years, they continued to share their interests and learnings. 

In 2015, Becky started her business specialising in behavioural finance, she offered Rania and her family financial advisory that accommodated preferences. When Rania became a coach in 2016, she invited Becky to experience executive coaching to help her development. Now both navigating the challenges of self-employment, they frequently joined forces to apply their learnings, research technologies and combine their experiences. Always helping the other move forward.

In 2017, Rania experienced a change of decision-maker within a client organisation, the new C-level executive decided to terminate her contract as process and strategic improvement consultant despite projects developing successfully and milestones being met. She challenged Rania to prove that behavioural values delivered better performance. Rania embraced the challenge and began to draft the first research that proved everything she knew as a marketer, coach and innovator. She focused on researching the most robust business models and combined established theories to form a comprehensive, science-based model that would become the Positive Impact Model. 

Very soon it became evident that the model could be used to prove and self-generate. Soon, Becky was also successfully applying the model to her business, constantly and meticulously feeding back to Rania with her observations for development. Over the course of the next year, Rania had applied the principles and philosophies to over 500 paid client business coaching hours. In the process, she attained her Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials. She felt these achievements mattered little, while developing the model to deliver social value, mattered more and more.

In December 2019, while familiar with Rania's work, Brenda Ingram contributed as a non-Coach volunteer to support Rania in representing the International Coaching Federation at the Dubai Association Centre Global Conference held in Dubai. During a casual conversation, it suddenly became very clear to them both that the Positive Impact Model could significantly help deliver societal change through the work of an international collaborative community.

Purposeful Innovators was born. 

Now a self-fulfilling prophecy in delivering social value, Purposeful Innovators is learning through best-practice documentation in order for others to learn too. 

As a community interest company (CIC), all knowledge assets are locked to serve the private and public organisations that the association serves as its communities.