PI Governance

Our Board are making their revolutionary impact.

They have developed their inner and outer skills as a sustainability leader and role model. While aspects of the principles of positive impact may be recognisable to them they have allowed a space for new information or new angles to complement familiar knowledge to grow generative wisdom.

The Purposeful Innovators agenda is their agenda, they apply the ethics and standards in how they are and what they do. They are contributing the results of the application of the Positive Impact Model with regards to its effect on improving behaviour, strategies and overall impact.

Purposeful Innovator Mentors are advocates of delivering social value. They are expanding the Purposeful Innovators’ Collaborator Ecosystem, how it is constructed and how the application of the model principles results in the corporate and governmental policy change required for social improvement.

While upbringing and education are not significant factors for our Sustainable Development Non-Executive Directors' personal impact potential, they are however, required to understand the structure and cognition of a Board in order to positively influence new ways of thinking.

Our Purposeful Innovator Board Members, have stood in the shoes of those they sway towards change. They are required to lead complex projects, generate their own thinking in order to resolve paradoxical issues while practicing role model state management, coaching and other leadership skills. These all happen in real-time under real pressure. 


PI Sustainable Development Non-Executive Director Job Role Description

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