CSR For Humanity

Make a meaningful and timely Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contribution.

Many organisations want to make a purposeful contribution to the communities and societies that they and their people are part of. Many have a mission that has a social good; yet often it can be difficult to know how to implement that requirement to make a socially responsible contribution to their communities.

That’s where Purposeful Innovators come in. We offer an ‘all-in-one’ package for your to meet your CSR objectives. You simply choose the Sustainable Development Goal that you would most like to contribute to/aligns with your mission and we do the rest, delivering a related project that you can be proud of.

With a growing awareness of climate change and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion over the last few years, this is a time when organisations will be judged not only on what they provide, but also on how they do that.

Customers are demanding that organisations, at the very least, meet the CSR goals and initiatives that they said they were going to. Meeting these commitments helps to foster goodwill in the community and ultimately increase the willingness of customers to purchase from those who act in an ethical and moral ways.


What makes our CSR projects unique, is that we take away the headache of finding a project that you can contribute to, and make it happen.

We demonstrate your integrity to make a better world that is better for the planet, people while also making a profit.

We do that by...

  1. Discussing with you the best project for your needs and your organisation.
  2. Presenting you with a range of projects to support.
  3. Making the projects a reality – with or without the ‘hands-on’ support of the people in the organisation.
  4. Providing you with evidence of the project for you to publicise and
  5. Measuring the results and effectiveness of the campaign for future CSR contributions.

We simply call it ‘CSR for Humanity’. We create a programme that not only means you meet your ethical, moral and social commitments, it allows you to make a real difference in the world.

Each CSR for Humanity project is unique – talk to us about what would work best for you.

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