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Your work revolution starts here!

Through our steering committees, we are reinventing the way that companies use expertise. With industry specific collaborative campaigns, we can demonstrate that respecting human rights and adhering to ethical standards achieves high performance.

We believe our collaboration framework will change the way corporations are managed, putting the rights to lifelong learning and earning into the hands of workers.

We document everything we do to be published and to influence others to change the corporate game of the organised manipulation of people.

Revolutioners are invited to join steering committee and collaborate to bring regeneration, balance and sustainability to the key industries that impact our humanity.

Committee discussions are held during our Open Chat every Wednesday on Zoom.

Go to the Events page for full details and link. 


Purposeful Innovators CIC works with partners to offer work opportunities to our PI Revolutioners.

Our partners have agreed to prioritise those who are currently out of work, furloughed, freelancing, independent or experiencing other ongoing financial challenges.

Please note: To be register as a Revolutioner, you must have first signed the PI Code of Ethics and Standards. Please use the same email to register as a Revolutioner so that you can be identified on our database.

Registration For Revolutioner Opportunities

As part of the registration process, Revolutioners applying for work will be screened on values and personality preference, this data will be used to review match with the vacancy and ensure that the candidate is aligned successfully to the culture of the employer and working environment. By registering as a Revolutioner, you agree for your data to be used by Purposeful Innovators CIC and the selected partners as part of the selection and hiring process. This process includes ongoing notifications about vacancies from which you can unsubscribe at any time should your situation change.

Steering Committee Selection (Optional)
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