PUR111 The Road To Recovery Strategic Information Request


For the full Project Scope, Strategy and Plan please refer to:

Project Hub: PUR111 The Road To Recovery

This is a briefing for:

  • Rebecca Ellis (TBC)
  • Rahma Himid (TBC)
  • Rania Laing 
  • Brenda Ingram

To complete the strategic plan, we require research and compilation of target companies for 1. participation, 2. sponsorship, and 3. media exposure.


1. Participation

Information required: Attendee list of association and representative.

Attendees to the plenary will be from the 5 levels of the specific sector as per the plan.

Action by: Rania Laing and Brenda Ingram

Deadline: 10 November 2020


2. Corporate Sponsorship

Information required: Market analysis to identify the top five performers per industry who have gained from the pandemic. These will targeted for support from their Sustainability/CSR budget.

Action by: Rebecca Ellis

Deadline: 10 November 2020


Information required: Research in Sustainability report to identify PR/Marketing/CSR representative or senior contact in the organisation.

Action by: Rania Laing/Brenda Ingram

Deadline: 17 November 2020


3. Media Exposure

Information required: Global Tier 1 and 2 media list for attendance to the plenary and coverage of the activity before, during and after the session. Agreement to print information covered in the resulting strategic plan.

Action by: Rahma Himid

Deadline: 10 November