Registration For "Hearing between the lines: A pragmatic investigation of guilt."

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Manchester Met Uni

Title: Hearing between the lines: A pragmatic investigation of guilt.

Researcher: Leila Abid

Study level: PhD

Institute: Manchester Metropolitan University



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Your Data and the Registration Process

Please note: By applying, you will be added to an email database because you have registered to participate in the study, "Hearing between the lines: A pragmatic investigation of guilt." Purposeful Innovators CIC is assisting this study through registration services only and does not have access to any data collected or used by the researcher in the study itself. Your data will be used for the sole purpose or facilitating the research interviews. You can unsubscribe at anytime but you will no longer receive information regarding the study nor the interview details like date and location. The Manchester Metropolitan University (‘the University’) is the Data Controller in respect of the actual research and any personal data that you provide as a research participant.

Participant Registration Form
Interviews will be in-person in Dubai Investment Park 1 (map will be sent). Please indicate your preferred date and time(s):

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