Sustainable Resources

Sustainable Planet

Our impact goal is to create a healthy and bio-diverse ecosystem where all living things exist and thrive in peaceful harmony.

There is never an ending, never an outcome achieved. 

It is time for businesses to wake-up to their responsibility of making their positive impact for all living things. It is time to take the learnings from our ancestors, as we align with neuroscience to start creating our collective positive future with all that we have learned and are continuing to learn today.

The innovation cycle of continuous change and progression can never stop. Outcomes are determined simply for the purpose of direction, directing improvement towards a destination. The change that occurs along the path coagulates the past, present and future into a new outcome.

Continuity of improvement is the only successful outcome, in a direction, better than today. Building a path so that others can build their journeys having followed an outcome to improve on their story of what has already been written.


What We Are Doing

Objective: Collaborative project management where separate parties come together to magnify the message and raise the agenda within the media, private and public sectors.

  • Strategic Goal 1: Sustainable project management for customer and employee experiences at private and public venues.
  • Strategic Goal 2: Strategic collaborations with participating corporations, government departments and other entities.
  • Strategic Goal 3: Reporting of sustainability learnings for publishing and distribution in the form of project reports, case studies, research and articles.

    What We Want From You

    We are calling on all Board-level decision-makers in all organisations at all levels to raise awareness of their impact on themselves, within the organisation and on society.

    The application of the positive impact model ensures your actions are for the greater good, the impact is positive, be it on the bottom line, on people or on our planet. There is never a final outcome nor a point of no return.

    We want to end all strategic decision-making that compromises, causes harm or puts any community or ecosystem out of balance and ability to recover. Be them human, animal, or ecological environments.


    Support Our Payment Terms and You Support Social Impact

    In order for Purposeful Innovators CIC to offer opportunities to those out of work, furloughed or experiencing financial hardship, we request full payment of projects at the time of booking.

    This enables us to focus our efforts on delivering the highest quality of products, services, programs, innovations and material for all our clients, collaborators, beneficiaries, sponsors and partners instead of chasing payments and negotiating payment terms that diffuses our efforts away from making the greatest social impact that matters to everyone.


    Our Campaigns Collectively Support All 17 UNSDGs

    These goals formulate the scope and strategy for positive impact. 


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