Weekly Project Update for 10 May 2021

Weekly Project Management Agenda

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The IMBEA from the Learning Revolution format for the agenda and minutes.

  • Define Intention
  • Derive Meaning
  • Determine Benefits
  • Demonstrate Evidence
  • Do Action

Each Campaign is then updated using the above information process.


Weekly Project Update Notes 

YNC6MNT60011 Project Meeting Minutes 10052021

Agenda Topic 1: Meeting Overview, Welcome and Intros

Attendees: Rahma Himid, Wendy ShawRebecca Ellis, Brenda Ingram, Rania Laing, Yolanda Cantin, Tessa Sprangemeijer, Murtaza Balasinourwala

60 seconds was given per attendee for personal introductions to meet the new attendees who have joined since last week.


Agenda Topic 2: PNG444PNG PI Head Office Management

  • A collaborator role structure is being implemented across teams. New onboarding discussions with ANK and process with WS.
  • Neuro-aligned roles have been identified as Amplifier, transducer and integrator. Preliminary team formations are now penciled as an engagement strategy to include individuals into project work.
  • Role provide clarity and definition for first-time interaction and is an enabler for individuals to present their superpowers.
  • The committee structures have been identified and will be discussed prior to publishing on the PI website.
  • The PI Global Impact Board formed of RL, BI, WS, RE and RH will meet to discuss strategy re-evaluation with individuals now in an initial placement. Then the roles can be discussed with the individuals.

    Agenda Topic 3: PNG111NGC International Green Council

    • The IGC Board met on 7 May for an inaugural meeting and will be meeting every week on a Friday moving forward.
    • The focus of the meeting was building relationships and trust between the Board Members.
    • The next meeting will look towards developing a shared impact goal, purpose and strategic plan. This will be facilitated by RL.

    Agenda Topic 4: PNG111BFH Brands For Humanity

    • A BFH meeting was held on 5 May to discuss development of CSR strategies for corporate brands. The meeting was attended by collaborators, MB, RL and BI.
    • It was agreed that ANID Contracting and YNC to collaborate to develop projects and education around sustainable resources.
    • The companies, which are both licensed in the UAE, become demonstrations of best practice sustainability of Brands that are working for Humanity.
    • Both organisations are already set-up and dedicated to delivering sustainable strategies for planet, people and profit.


    Agenda Topic 5: PNG111RFH Research for Humanity

    • No update this week.


    Agenda Topic 6: PNG111LSF Legacy

    • Education on money management is included into two proposals for community centre education initiatives.
    • Proposals will support centres in EMEA and are submitted for development.


    Agenda Topic 7: YNC111WNG Wealth Angels

    • JG is now confirmed as education consultant and can review lesson plans and education content.
    • Once the committees are onboarded, teams will be able to work efficiently together to deliver the WNG agenda.
    • Discussion topic to be added to the PI Global Impact Board meeting.

      Agenda Topic 8: PNG111TRF Arts for Humanity

      • Pitch for Summer Programme submitted on 5 May.
      • Awaiting response.

        Agenda Topic 9: PNG111SFH Sports for Humanity

        • No update this week.

        Agenda Topic 10: PNG111SRX Sustainable Resources

        • Collaborators now representing Sustainable Textiles and Sustainable Wood.
        • Project at seeding stage with greenwashing identified as primary obstacle.
        • Schools identified as opportunity to educate on greenwashing.
        • Project definition and development required.


        Agenda Topic 11: PNG111SPX Sustainable People

        • Project meeting was held on 5 May and attended by MB, RL, BI and BM.
        • Delivering education into under-privileged communities via local centres was agreed as the strategic direction and Thriving Roots identified as the project shared goal. Project was also identified to work in alignment to Arts For Humanity project.
        • Thriving Roots Campaign document required for circulation to collaborate with NGOs through which impact can be made.
        • Document was produced on 6 May and submitted for response. 

          Agenda Topic 12: PNG111SCX Sustainable Economies

          • Meeting was held 5 May. Strategy has now been incorporated into Thriving Roots project as per Sustainable People.

          Agenda Topic 13: AOB

          • Separate project communication, more information about the five levels, a big picture diagram of how the campaigns and projects fit in, clarity on project priorities and the steering committees structure have been identified as the information required to facilitate the meeting next week.
          • The website answers many of these requirements but the information is lost within the site.
          • Individual meetings to receive objective suggestions will be held between RL and TS; RL and RH; and RL and YC to address these areas.
          • Meetings will take place this week.


          Next Meeting will be on Monday 17 May at 7.00am UK/10.00am UAE. Join Zoom Meeting.