Weekly Project Update for 28 June 2021

Weekly Project Management Update

Next Meeting will be on Monday 2 August at 7.00am UK/10.00am UAE. Join Zoom Meeting.

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1. Download agenda template

2. The IMBEA from the Learning Revolution format for the agenda and minutes.

  • Define Intention
  • Derive Meaning
  • Determine Benefits
  • Demonstrate Evidence
  • Do Action

3. ACT acronym:

  • Amplification to external communities
  • Calibration of people on projects
  • Tenability of project to PI model


Weekly Project Update Notes 

YNC6MNT60018 Project Update Minutes 28062021


Agenda Topic 1: Meeting Overview, Welcome and Intros

Attendees Last Week: Wendy ShawRania Laing, Murtaza BalasinourwalaYolanda CantinRebecca EllisShafaq Naeem, Gina Fernandes, Ahsan Niat Khan

This week we will continue to record the education piece at the beginning as well as the projects. We will explain how the PI Ecosystem has been mapped out and how the projects align into thematic verticals.

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This week we will make a major shift into detail within each project vertical. 

I - The new format will allow us to efficiently implement all of the verticals in parallel from a planning to execution stage while keeping all of the benchmarks for ethics, quality, management and communication.

M - Specific focus will enable more comprehensive strategy alignment, project management,  communication, and reporting the progress of all the project verticals from regular scheduled meetings and using management software.

B - Newcomers, team and mentor alignment will impact the overall efficiency and efficacy of the projects which will facilitate fast execution with impact excellence.

E - In less than 6 months we have onboarded collaborators and moved all projects from planning to execution stage. Every week we grow by 2-5 collaborators.

A - All collaborators to be familiar with the model best practice and comprehensive guidelines to help stay aligned precise for case study reporting of execution and learnings. These form the basis of published information and sponsorship outreach.

We shall be taking a break for the month of July 2021 to restructure our project reporting and regroup for more project focus in welcome meetings arranged for project specific discussions.