Your Neuro Coach LLC Develops Sustainable Marketing Range of Branded Merchandise

Your Neuro Coach LLC (YNC), a founding member company of Purposeful Innovators Cic (PI) launches a new range of sustainable branded promotional merchandise to encourage private companies to buy sustainably.

Intending to be sustainable is one thing but without access to the latest knowledge and industry expertise, intention can soon fall down to traditional business decision-making. YNC are actively encouraging marketers to minimise the detrimental impact of their budget spends but opting for products and solutions that are kinder to the environment and the social communities involved in the the value chain.

YNC is an ethics-based consultant network committed to partnering with organisations who wish to strengthen their impact, by building their brand(s) from the inside and out.

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More about Your Neuro Coach LLC...

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How We Work

YNC leave nothing to chance. Our global network of expert consultants provides instant, accessible and science-based expertise on all aspects of business and market leadership. You get results based on experience, not assumptions. Not only do you meet your experts directly, we also work together behind the scenes to ensure your projects are formed with integrity, based on the latest best-practice.


Your Culture

Social value creation starts with your people. Your people create your brand and your culture dictates how well you create a value proposition for both employees and customers. We offer a vast array of culture-change, learning and development and employee wellness solutions for your most valuable investment, your human capital. We have curated the highest quality of programmes so you can tailor the right fit for your business, and trust you will get effective results.


Your Customer

We follow a quantifiable business strategy formation method based on neuroscience, sociology, and psychology. Using our Positive Impact Model, we help you optimise your social impact, building your brand ethics and value on solid scientific approaches. We can measure your market impact and track back to where, within your business, you are leaking money and introduce solutions that fix those issues, once and for all.