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Lessons in Strategy: S02 Best Practice and Procedures

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Seedling.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G6 Team
  • M26 Right people, environment, contracts and cultural values and tools for the job
  • M27 Competency framework for high performance 
  • M28 Business Operations and administration 
  • M29 Business plans and forecasts 
  • M30 High performing culture 
G7 ISO QM Standards
  • M31 ISO Standards and Application
  • M32 Training
  • M33 Gap Analysis
  • M34 Implementation
  • M35 ISO Accreditation
G8 Business Planning 
  • M36 Profit Generation
  • M37 Communication 
  • M38 Stakeholders 
  • M39 Partnerships 
  • M40 Collaborative Impact on Planet 
G9 Value Proposition
  • M41 Early Indicator of Trend 
  • M42 Innovation 
  • M43 Robust Offering 
  • M44 Purposeful 
  • M45 Synced with Market 
G10 Strongest Foundations Possible
  • M46 Established Practices and Protocols
  • M47 Review for Future Value
  • M48 Preserve and Protect for Potential Value
  • M49 Nurture for Growth or Change Strategy
  • M50 Highest Reach Potential 

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