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Purposeful Innovators CIC


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Self Mastery For The Greatest Impact

For all types of organisations and industries including government and NGOs. Available on consultation only.

This is a tailor-made hybrid programme that is created around your organisation's current executive strategies, improvement plans and learning and development capabilities.

Behavioral intelligence transforms your culture through the application of values and structures in new ways that are aligned with positive psychology, neuroscience and ethics.

This programme is certified on completion. Modules in this programme's content meet with the highest international benchmarking standards of coaching and innovation and can count towards continuing professional education in these fields.


Benefits to the organisation

Organisations will learn how values of employee behaviour are directly linked to their brand values and shareholder value. Organisations will be able able create and deliver organisation-wide cultural transformational projects that start their brand journey towards purpose by increasing and improving their innovation capabilities to generate positive impact.


Benefits to the individual

You will learn the behavioural intelligence competences and how they impact yourself and others' performance. You will understand how to practice self-mastery and lead others through positive cultural change and increase your resilience by understanding the dynamics of transitioning to more positive structures.



Due to the current pandemic, this programmes is currently being delivered in modules over a pre-agreed number of live sessions.

Optimum number of participants is 25.


Structured Programme Content Outline

Individuals – Behavioural Intelligence (L3)
Principles of the course

Applying the Positive Impact concept for mastering behaviour

Personal development planning from level 5

Decision-making patterns for designing personal direction

Concepts that simultaneously advance self and others

Getting into a Positive Impact Zone

How the brain works

5 levels of thinking for self and others

Personal accountability and direction

DNA of the learning cycle

Debt -v- profit position

Create An Impact Strategy for Change

DEBT: The cloud (barriers, blocks, beliefs and blind spots)

Roles and definitions of a purposeful innovator

Learning using hierarchy of competence

Create new strategies using generative thinking

New World Lessons of Change

Inventing and Reinventing Change

Using best practice to advance self and others

Modelling on excellence

DEBT: Drama triangle, manipulative strategies and ethics

Listening as a means to monitor and analyse self, team and market

Purposefully evolving, not competing

Driving Value

DEBT: SCARF Dysfunction

Self-development of change leader

Finding best practice using ethics and competence

Change adoption process according to impact

Dynamic of exponential achievement

Creating Your Personal Learning Revolution

DEBT: Scarcity

Use subjective wellbeing to measure against impact

Creating a purposeful culture

The advantages and impact of trust in relationships

Components of trust and its value impact

Elevating Your Societal Impact

How values and behaviour impact income

DEBT: The necessity of suffering

Use behavioural intelligence to define cultural KPI criteria

Personal Development Plan using guidelines

Reversification – honouring the past to continue to move forward