Lessons in Strategy: S04 The Positive Impact Model Application

Lessons in Strategy: S04 The Positive Impact Model Application

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Blossom.

G16 Learning Structures
  • M76 Actual Content 
  • M77 Content Plan 
  • M78 Guidance Notes for Facilitators 
  • M79 Delivery Feed-Forward for Improvement 
  • M80 Successful Application of Content 
G17 Learning Channels
  • M81 Learning Objectives (content) 
  • M82 Location of Learning (classroom or zoom) 
  • M83 Expert Facilitators 
  • M84 Client Consultation to understand Client Specifications 
  • M85 Client Specifications 
G18 Behavioural Intelligence
  • M86 Forgiveness 
  • M87 Appreciation of Positive Action
  • M88 Discovery of Innate Super Powers
  • M89 Grateful of Differences
  • M90 Harmony within a Community  
G19 Purposeful Innovation
  • M91 Sustainable Humans as Resources 
  • M92 Amalgamated Super Powers 
  • M93 Sustainable Projects
  • M94 Shared Purpose
  • M95 Emerging Sustainable Innovation
G20 Positive Impact 
  • M96 New Discoveries 
  • M97 Self Appreciation
  • M98 Collective High Performance
  • M99 Collective Achievement
  • M100 Celebration of Advancement of Humanity


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