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Your Neuro Coach

YNC P5 Executive Coaching - Charities, Non-Profits & Social Enterprises

YNC P5 Executive Coaching - Charities, Non-Profits & Social Enterprises

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Are You Ready to Lead with Authenticity?

You can be an individual leader or a Board Member wishing to improve effectiveness and performance. You will build capacity to support your Leaders and Managers and gain absolute clarity and awareness of strategic direction to help them and the business succeed.

Our clients and their stakeholders (investors, Boards, function teams) recognise the importance of investing in themselves to lead thriving, high-performing cultures.

This programme delivers countless personal benefits including a healthier mindset, more meaningful work and improved capacity to achieve your individual goals so you can build meaningful, authentic and high-value relationships across your teams, delivered with tangible business results.

Typical session format involves:

Session Description
1. Programme Goal and Strategic Impact Setting

With your coach, you will set your programme ambitions and learn more about the coaching process. You will explore your current mindset concerning your expectations of yourself and complete a 360 assessment to evaluate your thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns. 360 assessments are conducted across team Members.

2. Building Resources

By identifying and working with your current personal and physical resources, you will be on your way to elevating your impact. You will set immediate tasks and actions that build from your resource-based, close perceived gaps, overcome challenges and create your toolkit.
3. Transacting to Build

From communications to behaviours and other more tangible resources, positive and healthy transactions are a necessary part of the building process. High performing cultures are built to thrive and are underpinned with robust and transparent processes.

4. Working on Excelling In this session, you will examine successful systems for operating within. You will discover how to set up your healthy structures so you can operate within a thriving value-creation ecosystem, ensuring not only you will achieve your ambitions but you will also impact others positively as you do so.
5. Modelling for Future Success One thing is creating change, the next is building the model that continues with the change process and is designed to make sure that changes continue to grow and thrive in the future. This requires careful reflection and planning as well as a commitment to new systemic change.
6. Completion and Compounding In this final session, you will look back on how far you have come, individually and as a team. It's easy for us to underestimate the shifts and breakthroughs, especially over time. A re-evaluation 360 assessment will show you how far you have travelled and a completion process to further embed neural changes and shift you to the next focus.

How To Prepare Yourself for Major Transformation

Do You Know What It is You Want to Achieve?

Are you clear on what you want or are goals your challenge? It’s more common than you would think with clients. Sometimes the first step is to work on identifying what exactly you want to achieve. You will design a coaching method that is specific to your situation and, your coach will facilitate your focus and clarity on your goals.

Have a think of your long-term ambitions as well as a specific goal for each session. If you are unsure, simply turn up and explain your current concerns, worries or challenges.

Expect to Be Challenged

Your current life is the result of your current ways of thinking. Coaching will challenge you to think of things differently so that you get different results. The questioning process is deeper than on first impression and initially many find it uncomfortable, while others find it immediately illuminating. Be honest, voice any concerns and give feedback good and bad.

 As you become familiar with both your coach and the process, you will naturally relax and it becomes easier to be guided to new perspectives.

Get Ready to Work

Unless you specifically request to keep work only during session time, it is typical to expect to work on actions in between sessions that support your progress in achieving your long-term goal. You will be asked to negotiate, agree and commit to activities, then you will be held accountable for it. Often the simple promise to your coach is powerful enough to deliver on your obligation. Clients break promises to themselves all the time but rarely break a promise when it’s made to someone else.

Go Structured or Go with the Flow

Do you enjoy a well-structured process or do you prefer exploring what happens on the day? While your package is being referred to as a programme, it can be as structured or loose as you like. Your coach will ask questions to determine your inclination and you can also highlight any preferences that suit you.

Be Selfish and Prepare to Share Success

Coaching is one of the most wonderful and empowering gifts you can bring to your business. You are hiring an expert to have your best interests as their professional goal. When you succeed, your business and your coach succeeds, too. Clients are often surprised to find that not only does their coach believe in them more than they believe in themselves, but their coach is also their biggest cheerleader when they achieve their goals.

Take time to relish in the celebration of your achievements. It’s one of the main reasons coaches find their jobs so extremely rewarding.

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Delivered by Rania Laing

CEO/Founder, Purposeful Innovators | CEO/Founder, Your Neuro Coach | Consultant, International Institute for Research & Human Development (Luxembourg) | Board Trustee & Treasurer, International Coaching Federation Foundation (USA) | Fellow, Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) | Ashridge Hult EF Executive Coach (UK) | PCC Credentialed ICF Coach | Former President, International Coaching Federation UAE Chapter | Sustainability Mindset Certified Coach | Sustainability Mindset Indicator Assessor | Brain-Based Results-Certified Coach | Advanced Enneagram Practitioner & Trainer | MBraining MBIT Certified Coach | NLP Master Practitioner

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About Rania Laing

Rania Laing is passionate about helping clients awaken their intuition to achieve their ambitions for themselves, their families and their work.

She believes in empowering healthier people everywhere (from private to corporate to non-profit and education) and reaching into all areas of society to accelerate sustainable personal and professional transformation.

She does this through discovery and insights that help align the client's personal values and ethics and with them, they partner to create personal impact and purpose.

Rania’s vision is for humanity to thrive through healthy, thriving individuals each actively contributing to their personal social purpose, be that in a business, a family or a community.

Using her scientific brain-based approach, Rania offers her clients a unique accelerated and powerful transformational P5 coaching experience that supports them with deep understanding of themselves, through their thoughts, feelings and actions.

P5 Neurocoaching is independently validated by the International Institute of Research and Human Development as a transformational coaching programme and is recommended by Neurologists working with organisations.