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Lessons in Strategy: S01 Resource Management

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Sprout.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G1 Placement of Knowledge Data
  • M1 Classification System
  • M2 Data Points
  • M3 Filing System
  • M4 Accuracy
  • M5 Locate Data Efficiently
G2 Reference Coding 
  • M6 All Project Documentation
  • M7 Briefing Users
  • M8 Hierarchy
  • M9 Customised Dashboard
  • M10 Unified System
  • M11 Trained Users
  • M12 Describe Job Roles and Responsibilities
  • M13 Accurate and Relevant Data Input
  • M14 Accessible and Latest Project Data
  • M15 Performs as a Fit-for-Purpose Command and Control System
G4 User Agreement 
  • M16 Individual Attention for Collective Gain
  • M17 Reference System to be given preference by user
  • M18 Collective recognition of Best Practice
  • M19 Collective Responsibility for Improvement
  • M20 Shared Accountability for Integrity of use 
G5 Accessible Library of Data
  • M21 Define purpose for usage and create criteria
  • M22 Review available resource options
  • M23 Operate trial for usability
  • M24 Adopt new system and create new protocol
  • M25 Fast access to latest Information
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