Lessons in Strategy: S25 Amplifying Collective Impact

Lessons in Strategy: S25 Amplifying Collective Impact

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Ripe.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules


G121 Purposeful Innovators Members 
  • M601 The Learning Hub To Direct Collaborators 
  • M602 Project Leaders 
  • M603 Mentors 
  • M604 Territory Sustainability Boards 
  • M605 Global Board 
G122 Visionary Members 
  • M606 Active Campaign
  • M607 Contact Management (inflow) 
  • M608 Accessibility
  • M609 Community 
  • M610 Immersive Education 
G123 Positive Impact from Non-profits 
  • M611 Proof 
  • M612 People 
  • M613 Best Practice Collaboration Projects 
  • M614 Collaborative Purpose 
  • M615 Sustainable Communities of Non-profits 
G124 Funding Stakeholders (Sponsorship and Philanthropy) 
  • M616 Impact Strategic Plan 
  • M617 Align to Stakeholder Agenda 
  • M618 Best Practice Implementation 
  • M619 Fundraising Campaign Pitch 
  • M620 Proper Projects
G125 Global Media
  • M621 PI Global Directors 
  • M622 Global Ambassadors 
  • M623 Contracted Partnerships 
  • M624 Collaborative Ventures 
  • M625 International Projects that Advance Societies


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