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Purposeful Innovators

PADI Eco-Diver Courses

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PADI® and PADI AWARE® are committed to saving the ocean together. This starts with proactively working to tackle key ocean threats like habitat destruction, climate change, overfishing, and land-based pollution. Divers are uniquely positioned to bring to the surface what is beneath the waves, acting as the first responders to help drive systemic solutions to press ocean conservation problems.

Humanity and the Ocean

Our vision is to achieve balance between humanity and the ocean. We will do this by training divers to join the millions of PADI Torchbearers - a global force for good that can be mobilised to restore ocean health and support our coastal communities around the world.

It will take all of us working together, united by our passion and armed with a clear plan of action to turn the dial towards a healthy future for people and planet.


Join the world's largest network of dive centers, dive instructors and divers to take 'fins on' and 'fins off' actions that create local impact. Key Community Actions 

  • Adopt a Dive Site Program
  • Citizen Science data collection
  • Local and national campaigns
  • Ongoing education and training