Partner And Learn

Partner And Learn

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In depth ethical knowledge empowers your sustainability

Successful collaborative partnerships are based on the alignment of ethics and values.

Without positive and healthy alignment, skills and combined strengths cannot flow fluidly to create value. The more diverse the pool of resources, the broader the perspective and the greater the total value. However, this comes with the greatest complexity of management.

We audit organisations on three levels that facilitates partnership negotiations and generates insights into potential market expansion for new ventures and growth. Audits are based on analysis of current business reports by function or department. They provide an indicative direction for further inquiries.

  • Culture Audit for both parties
  • Strategy Audit for both parties
  • Impact Audit for both parties


Support Our Payment Terms and You Support Social Impact

In order for Purposeful Innovators CIC to offer opportunities to those out of work, furloughed or experiencing financial hardship, we request full payment of projects at the time of booking.

This enables us to focus our efforts on delivering the highest quality of products, services, programs, innovations and material for all our clients, collaborators, beneficiaries, sponsors and partners instead of chasing payments and negotiating payment terms that diffuses our efforts away from making the greatest social impact that matters to everyone.