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Lessons in Strategy: S12 Partnering For New Opportunities

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Growth.


Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G56 Culture 
  • M276 Human Knowledge
  • M277 Social Habits
  • M278 Values
  • M279 Education
  • M280 Human Existence
G57 Applied Best Practice 
  • M281 Client Project Management, Processes, Documents
  • M282 Communicate Standards Applied 
  • M283 Manage Standards on Behalf of Clients 
  • M284 Include Standards in Client Reporting Process 
  • M285 Apply Highest Standards of the Model at all times 
G58 Innovation 
  • M286 Balance Of Resources
  • M287 Fair Application
  • M288 System Equilibrium
  • M289 Strategic Alignment
  • M290 Sustainable Innovation
G59 Agreed Research Methods 
  • M291 KPIs and Data Points
  • M292 Timely Application
  • M293 Comprehensive Eco-system Covered
  • M294 Actionable Learnings
  • M295 Accuracy to Intended Outcome
G60 Purpose 
  • M296 Artistic Collaboration
  • M297 Diversity of Humanity
  • M298 Ideation Excellence
  • M299 Creative Integrity
  • M300 Spiritual Expansion

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