Lessons in Strategy: S11 Managing Performance

Lessons in Strategy: S11 Managing Performance

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Growth.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G51 Continuous Upskilling
  • M251 Current Skills and Knowledge
  • M252 New Information
  • M253 Assimilate into New Behaviour
  • M254 Incorporating new skills into Future Plans
  • M255 Stay Challenged
G52 Brilliance 
  • M256 Alignment to latest Industry Developments
  • M257 Application of Skill and Knowledge
  • M258 Space for Experimentation
  • M259 Feeding Strengths Forward 
  • M260 Demonstration of Mastery
G53 Competency Frameworks 
  • M261 Placement for Personal Strengths
  • M262 Roadmap for Development
  • M263 Create Initiatives to Develop Skills and Knowledge
  • M264 Guidance from Aspirational Role Models
  • M265 Appreciation of Mastery
G54 High Performance 
  • M266 Continuous Focus 
  • M267 Benchmarked Outcomes
  • M268 Practicing Distinct Form
  • M269 Unconscious Competence of Distinct Abilities
  • M270 Best Abilities Applied Consistently
G55 High Productivity 
  • M271 Collective Neuro Physiological Coherence
  • M272 Compounding Collective Outcomes 
  • M273 Leveraging Collective Abilities
  • M274 Exponential Collective Growth
  • M275 Generating an Exceptional Outcome

    Strategy Reference Code

    YNC222YNC S11


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