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Purposeful Innovators CIC

Lessons in Strategy: S20 Sustainable Planet Programmes

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Ripe.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G96 Sustainable Resources/Raw Materials 
  • M476 People, Knowledge, Money 
  • M477 Education 
  • M478 Understanding and Learning 
  • M479 Love and Appreciation 
  • M480 Peace 
G97 Sustainable Industries 
  • M481 Materials and Money 
  • M482 Research and Development 
  • M483 Circular Economy
  • M484 Case Studies 
  • M485 Sustainable Innovation of Materials 
G98 Sustainable Environment 
  • M486 Nature Students and Educators 
  • M487 Curriculum 
  • M488 Activated in Nature 
  • M489 Appreciation 
  • M490 Total Balance 
G99 Sustainable Communities 
  • M491 Experienced and Qualified Teachers and Learning Materials 
  • M492 Delivery and Updating Plans 
  • M493 Maintain Standards 
  • M494 Preemptive Strategies and Projections 
  • M495 Succession, Legacy and New Generations 
G100 Positive Impact Applied 
  • M496 Education 
  • M497 Repetition 
  • M498 Understanding Context 
  • M499 Enjoyment in the Challenge/Accomplishments 
  • M500 Subconscious Behaviour 

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