Stage 3 Positive Impact(Expansion Through Collaborations For Positive Impact)

Stage 3 Positive Impact(Expansion Through Collaborations For Positive Impact)

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Reach Your Highest Value Potential 

For all types of organisations and industries including government and NGOs. 

This is a tailor-made hybrid programme that is created around your organisation's current executive strategies, improvement plans and learning and development capabilities.

In order to deliver its highest impact potential and vision, your organisation needs to be built on creating, transferring and leveraging on value created from its internal culture combined with its innovation strategies.

This programme is certified on completion. Modules in this programme's content meet with the highest international benchmarking standards of coaching and innovation and can count towards continuing professional education in these fields.


Benefits to the organisation

Organisations will learn how to apply the concepts of Positive Impact to create a Positive Future, become a leader in their market and deliver higher profit expectations. Organisations will learn how to generate, execute and grow through healthy learning cycles for positive impact on all stakeholders and communities. 


Benefits to the individual

You will understand how to apply self-management principles to lead ethical and sustainable change programmes and maintain momentum for intended outcomes. You will gain insights on how to apply your wisdom to align commercial responsibilities to advance business and social communities and practices.



Due to the current pandemic, this programmes is currently being delivered in modules over a pre-agreed number of live sessions.

Optimum number of participants is 25.


Structured Programme Content Outline

Culture and Communities – Spiritual Intelligence (L5)
Principles of the course

Applying the Positive Impact Zone, Strategy, Value Drivers, Revolution and Elevations to any topic or challenge

Always start with a level 5 for impact setting and visioning

Decision-making patterns for the greater good

Concepts that simultaneously advance humanity, and business

Getting into a Positive Impact Zone

Obstructions to prosperity

Market and industry mapping by 5 levels

Successful transactions using levels for effectiveness and efficiency

Purposefully adapting to the changing environment

Organisational benefits - collaborative strengths and values

Create An Impact Strategy for Change

Energetic flow systems

Defining clients and stakeholders

Understand idea formation for new circumstances

Conceptualise stakeholder potential for continued learning

Dynamic internal/external communication

Inventing and Reinventing Change

Expansion concepts for the collective

Five aspects to successful collaborative outcomes

Structure and outcome of successful collaborations

Use best practice as leverage to impact clients and stakeholders

Exponential evolution of Vision, Purpose and Culture

Driving Value

Reversing value erosion patterns

Understanding value algorithms by role and function

Use value drivers to manage the dynamics of a high performing culture

Evaluate the impact using the model as a diagnostic tool

Building a culture of mentors and innovators

Creating Your Industry’s Learning Revolution

Recognise praise systems for achievement of positive impact

Learn to create meaningful positive change DNA cycles for clients, stakeholders and society

Implement DNA processes to document new learning and share best practice

Dynamics of expansive action and momentum

Elevating Your Societal Impact

Reverse engineering an impactful vision

Applying the 5 levels of Spiritual Intelligence

Working in the expanded landscape

Sustaining expansion as strategy

The future is yet unseen