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Your Neuro Coach

YNC P5 Executive Coaching - Business Owners and Partnerships

YNC P5 Executive Coaching - Business Owners and Partnerships

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About The Programme

The six-step transformation program is the ultimate in effective personal management for strategic professionals. The program engages five levels of neural activity and is designed to create and expand neural connections on all levels.

Ideally targeted to senior executives and technical thinkers this program delivers generative thinking methods that improve personal performance in every way including problem-solving, negotiation, behaviour and communication.

Coaching sessions are scheduled according to your diary, usually weekly or fortnightly, and are structured to meet your personal or professional goals. 

Coaching programmes are flexible and can be easily adjusted to suit your situation. They can be tailor-made to be delivered over video conferencing, telephone or email.

Delivery Information

On purchase of this coaching programme, your Executive Coach will contact you with access to their diary, schedule your introduction chat and plan your programme together. The programme then starts when you want and runs at the intervals that you decide.

Dates are planned ahead but are fully flexible to change as your diary and life change. You simply go into their diary and change the future dates to suit your changing requirements.

More About Power5 Executive Programme

Precision thinking is critical for the optimum mental performance required by senior executives. Just as no athlete can perform without a personal coach, no high-performing leader can reach their potential without an executive coach. Precision thinking leads to precision action. A process that generates results in all areas of the leader’s personal and professional performance.

Aligned with the latest neuroscience and research in human development, the programme is designed to target the mental, emotional and social patterns that will make the most impact in the most efficient way. As with all professional coaching, the client leads with their agenda, and the structure serves to provide a vehicle to effectively deliver transformational impact with accuracy and direction.

Improved clarity, motivation, focus and inspiration ensure the increased success of any personal, commercial project or business venture. In addition, positive emotions like confidence, contentment, patience, kindness and faith are gained, strengthening personal resourcefulness. The combination of perspective and traits enable healthy, positive change to occur at the deepest neural levels.

The resulting changes deliver your vision and purpose through sustainably persistent performance for a long-term positive impact. Delivered over six hourly sessions of one-to-one coaching, the program can be completed in as little as three weeks or as long as six. Principles can also be used in group-directed delivery to remove company-wide resistance and align teams to the company’s big vision.

For crisis management and drastic change requirements, the methods can be incorporated into Board meetings and conferences, improving strategic effectiveness ahead of the top-level discussions and business planning processes.


“I first met Rania over seven years ago when I was Senior Manager of Retail Leasing at Al Ghurair Group.  I was impressed by her strategic aptitude and operational abilities.  She has an excellent reputation within the industry.  Over the years, her emotional acumen has gone from strength to strength and she is able to bring an incredible amount of value to the businesses she works for and with.” 

Shane Eldstrom, President MESC, CEO - Development & CEO Al Farwaniya Property Developments

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rania for over four years.  She has been our client, but there has never been a sense of “them” and “us.  Rania's approach of “one team” is the best possible scenario when you are trying to do good work: The understanding that getting the best out of people is to involve them, seek opinion and embrace but interrogate expertise.  We have worked to some tight deadlines together, delivering expansive projects within what might seem an impossible timeframe because the problem-solving is done collectively and rationally, prioritising tasks swiftly.  We have innovated frequently under Rania’s leadership, resulting in successful campaigns that were delivered on or under budget.  And she does it all with a sparkle and a smile.”   

Lesley Fair, President Deputy, ILEA and Director, Custard Communications

“Rania is an energetic, talented marketing professional, an experienced all-round marketer. She delivers beyond your expectations. She is the brainchild for the Marketing wonders that have catapulted Landmark International to where it proudly stands today for being one of the largest and most well-known retail brands in Kuwait.  She is a focused, marketing wizard, warm in nature and has become a great friend.” 

Ali Hussein, Head of Marketing, Landmark Group Kuwait

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Delivered by Rania Laing

CEO/Founder, Purposeful Innovators | CEO/Founder, Your Neuro Coach | Consultant, International Institute for Research & Human Development (Luxembourg) | Board Trustee & Treasurer, International Coaching Federation Foundation (USA) | Fellow, Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) | Ashridge Hult EF Executive Coach (UK) | PCC Credentialed ICF Coach | Former President, International Coaching Federation UAE Chapter | Sustainability Mindset Certified Coach | Sustainability Mindset Indicator Assessor | Brain-Based Results-Certified Coach | Advanced Enneagram Practitioner & Trainer | MBraining MBIT Certified Coach | NLP Master Practitioner

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About Rania Laing

Rania Laing is passionate about helping clients awaken their intuition to achieve their ambitions for themselves, their families and their work.

She believes in empowering healthier people everywhere (from private to corporate to non-profit and education) and reaching into all areas of society to accelerate sustainable personal and professional transformation.

She does this through discovery and insights that help align the client's personal values and ethics and with them, they partner to create personal impact and purpose.

Rania’s vision is for humanity to thrive through healthy, thriving individuals each actively contributing to their personal social purpose, be that in a business, a family or a community.

Using her scientific brain-based approach, Rania offers her clients a unique accelerated and powerful transformational P5 coaching experience that supports them with deep understanding of themselves, through their thoughts, feelings and actions.

P5 Neurocoaching is independently validated by the International Institute of Research and Human Development as a transformational coaching programme and is recommended by Neurologists working with organisations.