Lessons in Strategy: S13 Change Management

Lessons in Strategy: S13 Change Management

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Growth.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G61 Collective Identity Defined 
  • M301 Alignment Of Superpowers
  • M302 Broadest Diversity
  • M303 Inclusion Eco-system
  • M304 Collective Purpose
  • M305 Collective High Performance
G62 Association and Relevance 
  • M306 Healthy Patterns
  • M307 Sustain Improvements
  • M308 Alignment To Purpose
  • M309 Shared Goals
  • M310 Healthy Communities
G63 Align to Growth
  • M311 Remuneration Based On Social Impact
  • M312 Equal Access To Learning
  • M313 Positive Developmental Feedback
  • M314 Mentored For Growth
  • M315 Equitable Collective Teams
G64 Independence 
  • M316 Win-win-win mentality
  • M317 Collaborations
  • M318 Access and opportunities
  • M319 Exposure
  • M320 Egalitarian Solutions
G65 Proliferation 
  • M321 Integrity 
  • M322 Strategic Decisions 
  • M323 Integrated Plans 
  • M324 Unified Objectives 
  • M325 Flywheel Effect

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