Lessons in Strategy: S10 Project Performance Excellence

Lessons in Strategy: S10 Project Performance Excellence

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Bloom.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G46 IMBEA Model
  • M226 The 5 Steps Definition/Information 
  • M227 Neuro-alignment Meaning 
  • M228 Benefits 
  • M229 Expression/Evidence 
  • M230 Clarity of Insight for Courageous Action 
G47 Best Practice Templates 
  • M231 Document Reference
  • M232 Documents 
  • M233 SOPs 
  • M234 Accessibility 
  • M235 The Knowledge Hub 
G48 Delivery of Excellence 
  • M236 Consistency of Effort 
  • M237 Cybernetic Flow 
  • M238 Interconnection of Systems (Mother Board) 
  • M239 Automated Learning 
  • M240 Sustainable Impact 
G49 Intention of Modeling 
  • M241 Personal Intention Awareness 
  • M242 Consultative Products 
  • M243 Journey of Intention (JOI) 
  • M244 Intention to Learn 
  • M245 Collective Positive Impact 
G50 Applied Learning Revolutions 
  • M246 Organic Development 
  • M247 Momentum 
  • M248 Constant Re-Alignment 
  • M249 Velocity 
  • M250 Learning Flywheel


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