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Lessons in Strategy: S07 Project Revenue

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Seedling.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G31 Super Power Evaluation
  • M151 Report
  • M152 Collaborator's Contribution 
  • M153 Software Functionality 
  • M154 Interpretation 
  • M155 Assessment Transparency 
G32 Carma Currency
  • M156 Points System
  • M157 Value Allocation
  • M158 Currency Management
  • M159 Strategic Partnerships
  • M160 Transferable Social Impact Points
G33 Evidence from Action 
  • M161 Value Components
  • M162 Value Transactions
  • M163 Value Systems
  • M164 Value Propositions
  • M165 Monetary Value Generation
G34 Education on Intention Modelling 
  • M166 Intention Awareness
  • M167 Positive Collective Intention Definition On Purpose
  • M168 Social Intention Management
  • M169 Intention Planning As Strategy
  • M170 Intention-Driven Outcomes
G35 Social Value Creation 
  • M171 Asset and Resource Management 
  • M172 Communication Systems 
  • M173 Prosperity for All 
  • M174 Revolutions 
  • M175 Impact Excellence

Strategy Reference Code

YNC222YNC S07 


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