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Lessons in Strategy: S08 Project Scheduling

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Growth.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G36 Guidelines for Correct Gantt Completion and Updating 
  • M176 Use Project Pack Template and Methodology 
  • M177 Review with Mentor 
  • M178 Submit to Project Management Team 
  • M179 Compliance and Communication 
  • M180 Capture Impact Model (51234) 
G37 Agreed Expectations (internal and external) 
  • M181 Worth 
  • M182 Regulation 
  • M183 Reliability 
  • M184 Transparency 
  • M185 Humanity 
G38 Project Intelligence 
  • M186 Project Reporting 
  • M187 Methodology of Report 
  • M188 Application Rationale of Impact Model 
  • M189 Projections 
  • M190 Automated Executive Information System 
G39 Executive Orchestration 
  • M191 Aligning Collaborator Efforts 
  • M192 Cognition of Collaborator Potential and Opportunity 
  • M193 Realigning and Reassigning using Human Intervention 
  • M194 Redeploying 
  • M195 Unified Project Outcomes 
G40 Activation and Maintaining Precision Delivery 
  • M196 Data Points 
  • M197 Categories 
  • M198 Ledger 
  • M199 Machine Learning 
  • M200 Artificial Intelligence 

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