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Lessons in Strategy: S06 Human Resource and Talent Management

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Sprout.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G26 Team Collaborator Specification
  • M126 Collaborators Role and Responsibilities 
  • M127 Timelines 
  • M128 Organogram 
  • M129 Team Formation Strategy 
  • M130 Project Deliverables 
G27 Recruitment 
  • M131 Talent pool 
  • M132 Remuneration 
  • M133 Project Review
  • M134 Superpower Potential
  • M135 Match Superpower to Project
G28 Onboarding Process 
  • M136 Index of Available Resources
  • M137 List of Policies and Processes
  • M138 Explanation Working Methods
  • M139 Explanation Of Sustainable Strategic Project Management
  • M140 Easy Collaborator Integration 
G29 What's In It For Me (WIIIFM) 
  • M141 Self-awareness Of Personal Goals
  • M142 Validation Of Potential Contribution Value
  • M143 Disclosure Of Project Information and Status
  • M144 Agreement To Project KPIs
  • M145 Individual's Personal Ambition Aligned to Project 
G30 Applied SuperPowers 
  • M146 Assessed Impact Of Applied Superpower 
  • M147 Review Of Impact On Project KPIs
  • M148 Adjustments To Resources Or Project
  • M149 Announcement Of Adjustments and Learnings
  • M150 Aligned and Co-ordinated Superpowers 

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