Lessons in Strategy: S03 Self-Management

Lessons in Strategy: S03 Self-Management

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Growth.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G11 Precision 
  • M51 Attention to Details
  • M52 Concentrated Effort
  • M53 Excellence in Delivery Quality
  • M54 Conscious Competence
  • M55 Focus on Applied Super powers
G12 Persistence 
  • M56 Courage
  • M57 Committed Enthusiasm
  • M58 Enjoyment of Improving
  • M59 Witnessed Evidence
  • M60 Continuous Application of Super Powers
G13 Patience
  • M61 Competence
  • M62 Authentic True Self
  • M63 Consistent Transparent Behaviour
  • M64 Resilience 
  • M65 Security of True Self
G14 Optimism
  • M66 Grateful that others have Good Intentions
  • M67 Appreciation of Good Intentions
  • M68 Sharing of Values and Intentions
  • M69 Reciprocally Presupposing Good Outcomes
  • M70 Belief in Others
G15 Agility
  • M71 Adventure
  • M72 Positive Actions
  • M73 Shared Excitement
  • M74 Shared Rewards of Achievements
  • M75 Trust in Collective Good

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