The True Value Of Peace One Day Event

The True Value Of Peace One Day Event

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Achieve Peace For All In A Day

This event is designed for audiences at all levels to raise awareness of their impact on themselves, within their organisation and on society.

Peace comes when ethics meet generative improvement to create market growth. 

Your sponsorship will enable attendees to learn how to evaluate and generate impact that matters to them, their work and society. They will master the positive impact criteria and be able to apply it to executive strategies, improvement plans and learning and development capabilities. 

This event is certified on completion.


Benefits to society, organisations and the individual

Impact is the consequences of choices. Attendees will learn how to make conscious personal and commercial choice that benefit them as well as their community, be it work or social collective. Organisations will learn how to use the impact criteria to diagnose and raise their positive influence resulting in long-term loyalty, collective prosperity and increase in market share and value. Individuals will learn how to apply the criteria to create a personal improvement roadmap that combines their talents with their purpose and fulfilment.


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