The Road To Recovery Retail Industry Plenary Session

The Road To Recovery Retail Industry Plenary Session

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Code of Conduct

Invest in our session to end all corporate exploitation by sponsoring sustainable retail recovery

Bringing together industry representatives and associations in collaboration with retail entities in a way that supports and promotes egalitarianism and equity.

The format of the session will encourage industry collaboration by targeting organisations with strategic interests, resources and KPIs that are mutually beneficial to all parties. The session will be moderated by a PI executive coach to ensure a strategic plan is formulated and documented to present to Government, released to media and made available to the public.

The session is available for sponsorship by companies with an interest in using their CSR budget for positive impact. This initiative will be developed for roll-out in other territories where there are PI member clusters to raise awareness in vulnerable industry sectors.

All collaborators and partners will be required to sign the Collaborator Code of Ethics and abide by the standards and behaviours for positive impact.


This Initiative Supports the Following UNSDGs 

These goals formulate the strategy for positive impact. Read more about using the Positive Impact model for creating five level strategies aligned with how the brain thinks.

17 Partnerships for the Goals 4 Quality Education 1 No Poverty 
10 Reduced Inequalities 5 Gender Equality 3 Good Health and Wellbeing 

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