Lessons in Strategy: S22 Establishing Sustainability Councils For Business

Lessons in Strategy: S22 Establishing Sustainability Councils For Business

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Growth.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G106 Members
  • M526 Member Directory in Active Campaign
  • M527 Member Channel Strategies for Corporates 
  • M528 Members benefits that improve their sustainability 
  • M529 Education on social value 
  • M530 Ambassadors for sustainability 
G107 Event Calendar 
  • M531 Local commercial events 
  • M532 Global commercial events 
  • M533 Sustainable Profit Workshops 
  • M534 Sustainable People Workshops 
  • M535 Sustainable Planet Workshops 
G108 Sponsorship Income 
  • M536 Brands for Humanity 
  • M537 Service Barters 
  • M538 Sponsorship Paid Packages 
  • M539 Long-term Alignment 
  • M540 Expansion Through Brand Exposure 
G109 Business Plan/Strategic Plan 
  • M541 Intention product range plan 
  • M542 Product mix by stakeholder 
  • M543 Business Plan 
  • M544 Positively influence to form peer groups 
  • M545 Communities of Intention 
G110 Board of Directors 
  • M546 Director of Sustainable Profit
  • M547 Director of Sustainable People 
  • M548 Director of Sustainable Planet 
  • M549 Treasurer/Secretary 
  • M550 Vice-Chair


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