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Your Neuro Coach

Lessons in Strategy: S23 Commercial Projects

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Blossom.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G111 Stakeholders
  • M551 Customers 
  • M552 Vendor Programmes 
  • M553 Collaborators 
  • M554 Your Neuro Coach 
  • M555 Leadership Team 
G112 Communications 
  • M556 Active Campaign 
  • M557 Thematic Content Strategy 
  • M558 Calls to Action for Conversion
  • M559 Expanding network for Growing Community 
  • M560 Success and KPIs 
G113 Consumer Strategy 
  • M561 Customer Journeys 
  • M562 Lifestyle Solutions 
  • M563 Personas with Shared Intentions and Values 
  • M564 Increase Customer's Social Value 
  • M565 Communities Inspired by Social Impact Intention 
G114 Revenue Plan 
  • M566 Strategic Roadmap 
  • M567 Best Practices in Sustainability 
  • M568 Value Creation Excellence 
  • M569 Demonstrative Social Value 
  • M570 Practice of Sustainable Strategies 
G115 Social Impact Campaigns 
  • M571 Local Community Visibility 
  • M572 Education Outreach 
  • M573 Sponsorship Outreach 
  • M574 Academic Outreach 
  • M575 CSR Campaigns 

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In order for Purposeful Innovators CIC to offer opportunities to those out of work, furloughed or experiencing financial hardship, we request full payment of projects at the time of booking.

This enables us to focus our efforts on delivering the highest quality of products, services, programs, innovations and material for all our clients, collaborators, beneficiaries, sponsors and partners instead of chasing payments and negotiating payment terms that diffuses our efforts away from making the greatest social impact that matters to everyone.