Lessons in Strategy: S15 Partnering For Expansion

Lessons in Strategy: S15 Partnering For Expansion

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Achievement of the learning outcomes of these lessons will enable the attainment of the project stage of Growth.

Learning Outcomes Grouped in Modules

G71 Integrity 
  • M351 Partners 
  • M352 Contact Reporting 
  • M353 Self-Management of Reports for Legal Documentation 
  • M354 Distribution of Contact Report to all Partners 
  • M355 Partner Accountability 
G72 Strategic Decisions 
  • M356 Non-Biased Decision-making
  • M357 Shared Observations
  • M358 External Licensed Consultant 
  • M359 Wholesale/Trade/Open Market Channels
  • M360 Non-affiliated Brands 
G73 Integrated Plans 
  • M361 Shared Objectives and Resources
  • M362 Integrated Processes
  • M363 Outsourced Vendors
  • M364 Brand Franchise
  • M365 Managed Mutual Campaign 
G74 Unified Objectives 
  • M366 Orchestrated Systems
  • M367 Fluidity Of Value Transfer
  • M368 Legal Partnerships 
  • M369 Third Culture And Identity
  • M370 Community Impact
G75 Flywheel Effect 
  • M371 Repeated Impact
  • M372 Individual Impact
  • M373 Partner Impact 
  • M374 Social Venture
  • M375 Societal Impact 

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