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Your Change Coach

YCC Transformational Online Packages

YCC Transformational Online Packages

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Are you ready to commit to yourself and invest in building your own better future?

Become more than you ever thought possible by developing your personal definition of success.  

Whether you already have a specific goal in mind or you want to overcome whatever is getting in your way of achieving your aspirations, together we will work to a personalised plan that works for you.

Are You Ready to Choose You?

Our sessions will be thought-provoking and rewarding. Simply, bring yourself to each session, exactly as you are in that moment. You may be confused, excited, frustrated, proud or ashamed of yourself or your actions, angry, delighted, fearful or any of the thousand other states of mind.  We will work together without judgment, exploring how your thoughts and actions serve or limit you. Then, using appropriate transformation tools, we will work to adapt your perception making changes to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to bring them in line with your goals and aspirations.

What happens in the session?

During your first session, your coach will design your programme and a personalised professional relationship to best meet your needs. 

Your coach will ask you direct questions that relate to what is going on with you.  They will also ask you to commit to actions when you have chosen an objective, and hold you accountable for the actions that you commit to.

How do I prepare?

You will be asked to complete a short intake survey that takes a snapshot of how you feel about several areas of your life. You will discuss the primary focus you want to hold for the package.

Economical Options for Families and Couples

For families and couples, we offer options to purchase in bulk, for more affordability. Please speak to your practitioner to ensure you select the right option for you.

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Delivered by Rania Laing

CEO/Founder, Purposeful Innovators | CEO/Founder, Your Neuro Coach | Consultant, International Institute for Research & Human Development (Luxembourg) | Board Trustee & Treasurer, International Coaching Federation Foundation (USA) | Fellow, Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) | Ashridge Hult EF Executive Coach (UK) | PCC Credentialed ICF Coach | Former President, International Coaching Federation UAE Chapter | Sustainability Mindset Certified Coach | Sustainability Mindset Indicator Assessor | Brain-Based Results-Certified Coach | Advanced Enneagram Practitioner & Trainer | MBraining MBIT Certified Coach | NLP Master Practitioner

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About Rania Laing

Rania Laing is passionate about helping clients awaken their intuition to achieve their ambitions for themselves, their families and their work.

She believes in empowering healthier people everywhere (from private to corporate to non-profit and education) and reaching into all areas of society to accelerate sustainable personal and professional transformation.

She does this through discovery and insights that help align the client's personal values and ethics and with them, they partner to create personal impact and purpose.

Rania’s vision is for humanity to thrive through healthy, thriving individuals each actively contributing to their personal social purpose, be that in a business, a family or a community.

Using her scientific brain-based approach, Rania offers her clients a unique accelerated and powerful transformational P5 coaching experience that supports them with deep understanding of themselves, through their thoughts, feelings and actions.

P5 Neurocoaching is independently validated by the International Institute of Research and Human Development as a transformational coaching programme and is recommended by Neurologists working with organisations.