Divers With Intention, Developing Your Sustainability Mindset Through Scuba Diving

Divers with Intention



Based on her research on successful mindset shifts in leaders, Dr. Isobel Rimanoczy's The Sustainability Mindset Principles is the first book to introduce the 12 Principles for a Sustainability Mindset, with the purpose of presenting educators with an accessible and comprehensive framework.

Divers With Intention is a 12 dive programme sets out to integrate each of the twelve mindset principles, one dive at a time, into the beliefs and practices of scuba-divers of all levels and abilities. Completing these dives puts you in a position where you can develop a greater appreciation of our world to become an authentic and credible planetary ambassador on dry land as well as in water.

"The Sustainability Mindset is observed in action but is shaped internally. At the individual level, it is moulded by a person's values, sense of purpose, preferences, assumptions, and beliefs. At the collective level, the focus is on collectively shared values, beliefs, and narratives (paradigms). Defined as “a way of thinking and being that results from a broad understanding of the ecosystem's manifestations, from social sensitivity, as well as an introspective focus on one's personal values and higher self, which finds its expression in actions for the greater good of the whole." - Abstract from Rimanoczy, I. The Sustainability Mindset Principles. Routledge Taylor 2021



There are four parts to the framework and each of the principles are an expression of one of these parts. They are Ecological Worldview, Systems Perspective, Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence. These four parts integrate together to create the holistic Sustainable Mindset. The goal is to shift the mindset to healthier beliefs and values, as defined below.

Sustainability Mindset Principles Quadrants