Purposeful Innovators Cic Supports Art Dubai Art of Recycle Workshops with Waste

Art Dubai Cyrus Kabiru

Purposeful Innovators Cic (PI) supported Art Dubai 2022 by collecting waste from hotels and restaurants in Dubai, UAE. Working with hospitality and manufacturing partners who are committed to sustainability like Media One, Solutions Leisure, Koita and Ronai, PI was able to provide enough waste items like corks, cereal boxes, milk cartons and chocolates wrappers to support the workshop initiative. 

Art of Recycle workshop was led by Cyrus Kabiru during the Art Dubai international art fair event 1 to 5 March 2023. The workshop then returned as a roadshow, visiting 80 schools though out the Emirates, delivering the message to children that they can create valuable pieces of artwork out of rubbish.

Rania Laing supported in delivering the workshop at Arcadia School, Dubai and has since been approached to deliver ongoing art workshops that teach more topics around sustainability.

Art Dubai Art of Recycle Art Dubai Art of Recycle Art Dubai Art of Recycle Art Dubai Art of Recycle

Art Dubai Art of Recycle  Art Dubai Art of Recycle