iiRHD Emotions Make Us Human - Contempt and Disgust

An ideal learning experience for individuals looking to address their feelings of contempt, disgust and offence from other people's behaviour or for practitioners wishing to help their clients discover techniques for self-reflection and self-awareness.

This webinar highlights the importance of recognising and addressing contemptuous behaviours, cultivating empathy and perspective-taking, and strengthening emotional intelligence and self-reflection. By offering practical solutions to navigate through professional and social challenges and improve personal relationships, the webinar can support individuals wishing to overcome their contempt-related feelings. The focus on fostering healthier communication, empathy, and personal growth is likely to resonate with individuals looking to overcome difficulties in their interactions with others.


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iiRHD Live 2hr Webinar: Emotions Make Us Human - Contempt and Disgust, 13 Sept 2023, 4pm (UTC)

iiRHD Live 2hr Webinar: Emotions Make Us Human - Contempt, 11 Oct 2023, 8am (UTC)