Exercise: How To Produce A Level 5 Scope


The Project Scope describes the project and the intended resulting impact of successful project delivery. It clearly states how the project goals align to the UN SDGs. This provides a big picture view of the project context and its positive impact. It also answers the question of why the project is beneficial to creating value or improving society.


Understanding UN SDGs In The Context Of Positive Impact
Level 5 Goals

17 Partnerships for Goals 16 Pease, Justice and Strong Institutions 11 Sustainable Cities And Communities

Level 4 Goals

13 Climate Action 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth 4 Quality Education 1 No Poverty

Level 3 Goals

15 Life on Land 14 Life Below Water 10 Reduced Inequalities 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 7 Affordable And Clean Energy

Level 2 Goals

12 Responsible Consumption and Production 5 Gender Equality

Level 1 Goals

6 Clean Water And Sanitisation 3 Good Health And Wellbeing 2 Zero Hunger


Step 1 (UN SDGs)

Select one UN SDG from each of the five levels. This will create a map for your intended impact and highlight where your scope requires expansion or collaboration in order to deliver all five levels. Make a note of the 5 UN SDGs you have selected.


Step 2 (Project Objectives)

For each of your UN SDGs write down a brief but precise explanation of how your project will meet each goal. These will be your project objectives. By the end of this step you will have five objectives each achieving a UN SDG.


Step 3 (Project Summary Based on Objectives)

Bullet points summarising the objectives for the project. Ensure these are SMART by identifying how they will be measured within a specified time frame.


Step 4 (The Five Levels of Positive Impact from This Project Delivery)

Identify and note strategic goals that explain how the project will deliver its L5 positive impact, L4 improvement, L3 functioning aspects, L2 transactional aspect and L1 resources. 


Step 5 (Project Feasibility Considerations)

Take all of the project's relevant factors (Scope, Strategy, Budget, etc.) into account to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully.


Step 6 (Scoping Milestones)

The important milestones and who is responsible for delivery on the agreed deadlines.





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