Our Theory of Change

Our PI theory of change drives our cause to deliver true positive impact through research and collaboration with experts across a diverse spectrum of fields.

Exemplifying the Power of Five (P5) sustainability as strategy change process, our 5 level impact encompasses...

Planet All strategic decision-making in harmony with our planet and all living beings while earning a fair income.

People Respecting people's right to decide on their future, their value and contribution to society.

Profit Prosperity for all.

Communities Self-sustaining habitats.

Education Equal access to world-class knowledge. 

  • The International Green Council

    The International Green Council (IGC) is a council formed of PI Members committed to best practice in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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  • Research for Development

    We support research that advances our society, helps us learn about humanity and we make learnings accessible to the public.

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  • Brands For Humanity

    We help speed up commercial momentum through meaningful projects and campaigns.

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  • Thriving Roots

    We create collaborative initiatives that help increase social value by transferring knowledge across community segments.

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  • Igniting Sparks

    Co-creating and expanding the reach of best-practice programmes and courses to provide a positive impact for all.

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