More Than Words

Join us as we engage in meaningful conversations to inspire positive change and empower individuals from within.


The Power Within is a series of discussions where we invite key spokespeople from different background to debate how we can impact a certain underserved segment of the global community.

Our goal is to discuss and unpack real issues that face our communities and hinder them from realising their full potential. We believe that by engaging in meaningful conversations, we can inspire positive change and empower individuals from within.

We explore to uncover the obstacles, shine a light on the hidden difficulties, challenge cultural norms and debate potential solutions. We aim to unite individuals from across a broad yet related segments, who can partner and collaborate to magnify our collective impact by bringing new actions into their communities. We hope this series support collaborations will create a ripple effect of positive change through new connections and expanded professional networks and impact channels.

Women in Africa

We will explore the intricate realities of African communities, as shared by you, an influential non-profit leader and community members working to support underserved segments of society. With your insights, we hope to shed light on the challenges faced by these communities and identify actionable steps towards positive transformation.

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