Self-Reflection Exercise To Develop Purposeful Insights

The following questions can be helpful in getting you thinking in new ways. As a Purposeful Innovator, the focus is on learning and positive impact rather than criticism and weakness. We are conditioned in our youth to focus on our weaknesses and areas that our authority figures wanted us to be good at, often at the detriment of our unique strengths. Therefore, you may find some questions quite challenging. Many feedback that they simply have never thought about them before. This is a good sign that your brain will start to reflect and consider. Confusion is often experienced before insight. Keep reflecting and allow your brain to work in the background.


Level 5 Impact


What positive and idealistic beliefs do you hold about your life and society?

These are your learning goals.


When you imagine yourself 20 years from now, what impact do you want to have made in your life?


What is socially beneficial about your vision?


Level 4 Purposeful Direction


Define your five level strategy?

5. Impact aspects

4. Motivation aspects

3. Functioning aspect

2. Transacting aspects

1. Resource aspects


What do you need to learn in order to achieve actions at each level?

List these as your five effectiveness goals



Level 3 Effective Action


What greater networks do you need to be part of to facilitate your goals?


What will you do weekly to ensure action is taken on all levels?


How will you process your learnings to share your knowledge?


Create an action plan by working through the competences to identify what you already be successfully to deliver that competence in your business and what areas can be strengthened?


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