Applying The Learning Revolution Principles To Your Organisation

As Purposeful Innovators, we believe that the purpose of any business is to share its learning experience with its customers. By planning and operating a success business, the organisation becomes the vehicle through which the company channels its collective talents and ideas in new ways. The result is the sum of its learnings packaged and offered to the customer as a continuously improving product or service. Thus, to increase a company's social value, it must keep improving its learning capacity and revolving through continuous learning cycles.

Learning comes from all directions. So, it's also important to understand all positions are valued equally within a business. Leader learnings must cascade down as team member and team learnings cascade up to generate and maximise collective potential. Collective goals and objectives form the basis of the contract to undergo the learning process together with a collective purpose. Once this alignment is achievement, the goals and behaviours then become very clear and positive action and momentum can take place. This ensure all individuals are directed forward and collectively going through the learning experience.

Your organisation's position in the market will indicate the company's current attitude to learning and where your learnings are coming from. The Rodgers Innovation Model provides a useful means of labelling your position in relation to the organisation's acceptance or uptake of new ideas, the positive impact model then provides an insight to define your market perspective and challenges.

Competitors will always achieve discoveries and insights before you do, the real value is in translating your strengths and learnings into creating new customer value by expanding the market to accommodate both you and other players. This can only come from delivering strong competences rather than competing with a similar proposition for the same share of wallet.

Over time, repeatedly learning how to revolve competences will leverage the company to be innovating the market and industry.

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